Clearing Services

Finding the Right Clearing Firm for You

Depending on your business needs and preferences, DCS can match your firm with the appropriate
clearing partner. Once we determine the short list of firms that fits your business needs, DCS can
connect you with the appropriate sales and management personnel to get the process started. Our
introductions will get your process off to the right start.

Managing the Conversion

DCS can help you manage the entire conversion process and minimize the impact on your end
customers. Conversions are non-recurring events and require a great deal of expertise and planning.
These transitions create issues with short to medium term resource capacity as most Broker Dealers
do not have excess resources to dedicate to a conversion project. Most firms will find that business
growth and other projects stall for months as employees are distracted and overworked.

Ultimately it is the correspondent that bears the burden of ensuring an accurate conversion and has
the most risk due to unforeseen errors and delays. By engaging DCS, the client benefits from our
expertise and experience of having planned and executed dozens of successful conversions. Clients
benefit while limiting risk and minimizing the staffing impact on their operations.

By applying operational and technical expertise with conversion project experience, DCS is able to
help correspondents effectively plan and efficiently transition to a new platform.

DCS has experience in:
· Conversion Project Planning, Execution and Wrap-up
· Market Data Conversions / OMS Testing and Integration
· Gap Analysis
· Firm Customization
· Escalation/Process Control
· Network Architecture Conversion / IT Infrastructure
· Desktop Preparation, Application Deployment and Ongoing Testing and Integration (3rd party
· and proprietary applications)

Cultivating a Long Term Relationship and Maximizing the Tools Available to You

Once your backoffice has been converted onto the new clearing firm platform, DCS can help you
maximize the utility from the products and tools available. DCS can support you during the adjustment
period to ensure that your staff and firm are comfortable, operating efficiently, and making full use of
the tools that the Clearing firm has to offer.