Operational Efficiency

Doshi Consulting Solutions specializes in improving performance, reducing costs and allowing an
organization to focus on its core competencies.  DCS can provide strategic consulting and
guidance for enhancing processes and policies.

Workflow Analysis

·    Identify and eliminate redundant processes
·    Recognize out-of-date practices and technology and introduce cost effective alternatives
·    Perform cost benefit analysis and explore reduction opportunities
·    Review back office processes to consolidate and integrate entities
·    Identify best practices within the industry
·    Develop tools for executive management to review and track ongoing processes

We can also help you understand the nuances of Omnibus Clearing,  Self Clearing and Operations
Outsourcing / Facilities Management. These concepts can be very complex and having a resource
to help you determine the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities can be especially

Expense Review

DCS can review your current expenses and work with you to determine ways to improve the bottom